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Recycling Balers SubCatalog page for Recycling Balers.
Refuse Compactors SubCatalog page for Industrial Refuse Compactors
Used Equipment Used Equipment page
Features, Am Balers Features and unique design components of American Balers
Baler Installations Pictures showing some of our Recycling Baler Installations
Bale Pictures Pictures showing extruded bales, and various types of bales
About Compactors Overview of Refuse Compactors and types of installations
Compactor Installations Pictures showing various types of Compactor Installations
Why Compaction? So why use a Refuse Compactor?
Rentals We rent or lease Refuse Compactors and some Recycling Balers, in the Southern California area only.
Sell to Us We sometimes purchase used equipment for resale, depending on current need. If you have equipment you wish to sell, just let us know.
Contact Us Our complete contact information.
Company Profile Find out a little more about our Company in our brief Company Profile
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