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Consolidated Equipment, Corp. 
Click for our Contact Info. About Renting or Leasing Equipment:
At present we rent or lease Refuse Compactors and some Recycling Balers, in the Southern California area only.
Sometimes a company may not want to make a capital expenditure for this type of equipment, but often the benefits and/or cost savings still surpass the cost of renting or leasing. This makes this option remain prudent for many companies.
Their are various lease option plans available, depending on type of equipment and length of time, and we would be glad to have one of our representatives discuss your individual needs.
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The costs of refuse handling and removal have been increasing over the years, and are projected to continue rising due to closure of some existing dumps, and increased hauling costs. Some companies have found that the savings associated with a modern trash removal system are so great that it is cost effective to rent now, rather that waiting until budgeting for purchase.
The rental term for a refuse compactor is for a minimum of 60 months.
We would be glad to provide you with both a quote for purchase, and monthly rental option, so that you can evaluate what is best for your company.

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