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Hydraulic Bin Dumper for Refuse Compactors
Consolidated Equipment, Corp.


Click to see Larger Image. The Hydraulic Trash Bin Dumper can be optionally fitted to any compactor with 4 cubic yard hopper or larger. It provides maximum efficiency and ease of use in a systems approach to refuse handling. They are versatile and can be configured to compliment various types of compactor installations. The trash bin is simply wheeled onto the pick-up forks, then the operator actuates a hydraulic valve to raise the dumper, tilting it over and dumping the trash into the hopper. Then reversing the valve, lowers the bin to the ground, for removal. One person easily dumps several cubic yards of trash at once, with little effort or chance of strain.
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1. Starting position of dump cycle. picture of bin dumper. 2. Half way up. picture of bin dumper.
The dumper is controlled with a manual hydraulic valve, mounted at the back of the compactor. This system is ideal for larger facilities that have several standard 2 or 3 cubic yard refuse bins to dump. There are several different types of dumpers available, that can accommodate different types of bins, including round barrels.   Next. 3. Top of the dump cycle. Picture of bin dumper.


Consolidated has a special 'trainable refuse bin' that has special wheels and a hitch at each end that allows them to be hooked together 'train fashion', and towed from place to place. This system allows one man to dump several bins spread throughout a larger facility, in one trip. This results in considerable time savings over having many workers, making numerous trips to the compactor to dump many individual trash cans.

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