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Why use refuse compaction ?
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A: COST REDUCTION. The Trash Hauling Bill is an often overlooked item in any cost containment program, for any business. As it is a necessary part of doing business, just like the cost of telephone, electricity, water, etc., its cost is usually taken for granted. Business managers are busy running their own business, and rightly so, but may not be aware that there are alternative ways to deal with "getting rid of the trash". Unfortunately the most common method of throwing loose trash into a bin, is also the most expensive. Most full bins contain only 25% actual material and 75% wasted air space due to boxes and hollow spaces in the loose pile of trash. Often bins are not even full when they are dumped on a routine schedule. Full or not you still pay the same amount for hauling. If your refuse requires more than a couple bins per week, then your hauling costs may be getting high enough to hurt. Many businesses have discovered that a compactor is central to an efficiently designed refuse handling system, that reduces costs substantially, and easily pays for itself. In addition to saving money, a properly designed system has several benefits.
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Save Time
Because a well designed refuse handling system is so easy to use, employees spend less time dealing with trash, and with less effort. Nobody likes bothering with the trash, so with an easier system, employees get a slight moral boost, and are less likely to have strain or injuries. The work area is usually kept cleaner because it is easier to get rid of the trash. But you may ask, what if the compactor breaks down? Consolidated Equip. has been perfecting refuse handling systems for many years. By keeping our systems as simple as possible and utilizing the best compactors and equipment in the industry, breakdowns are rare. If one does occur we can usually get you up and running within 24hrs, due to our full service capability.

Why Consolidated ?
As just mentioned above, we have many years experience and can configure a system that will be efficient, easy to use, keep your work place cleaner with less effort, and save you money for many years to come. We are full size and full service, and can provide a "turn key" system at very competitive prices. That adds up to VALUE, in the long run.

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