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McClain Octamag 2, Specifications
McClain Industries, Industrial Refuse Compactors


Click to see Larger Image. The McClain Octamag 2 Portable Compactor is a self contained, portable unit, with the compactor and receiver container welded together on a common steel floor and chassis. This unitized, or integrated type of construction prevents any leakage of liquids, or oozing of soft garbage, that may be mixed in with the trash. Any liquids, that seep from the trash during compaction, are trapped in an enclosed "bilge space" within the integrated floor, capable of trapping a large amount of fluid. These fluids are then discharged along with the trash, when the unit is dumped at the disposal site. This makes for a nice clean and sanitary refuse disposal system. These units are very popular in the food industry, hotels, resorts, golf courses, shopping centers, and grocery stores, etc.
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If odors emanating from the trash are a problem, the compactor can be fitted with an optional, fully enclosed hopper extension, and deodorizing unit. The deodorizing unit operates by neutralizing odors with an electronic "ionization" type process, which we have found to be more effective than chemical spray systems. These units run solely on electricity and therefore need no chemicals.

McClain Compactors are noted for their strength, reliability, quality construction from prime steel, heavy duty hydraulic components, and of course safety in operation.
The McClain DR100 Hi-Tech Control Panel is included, featuring solid state electrical and hydraulic controls, and known as the most reliable in the industry.
(See DR100 Control Panel for complete info and specifications on it.)

The Octamag 2 Portable compactor, can also be ordered with an optional Hydraulic Bin Dumper.  See below.


Hopper Capacity: 2 cubic yards (1.5 cu. mtr).
Hopper Opening: 60 in. x 40 in. (152.4 cm x 101.6 cm).
Length Overall: 283 inches (719 cm), including integrated container.
Width Overall: 96 inches (243.8 cm.).
Loading Height: 55 inches (139.7 cm).
Hydraulic Pistons: twin, 4 in. (10.16 cm), with 2 in. (5.08 cm) connecting rods.
Maximum Force: 43,100 lbs.
Cycle time: 41 seconds.
Motor: 10hp at 1800 rpm, 230/460 Volts, 3 phase/60 Hz, T.E.F.C.


  • UL Approved, DR-100 Solid State Control Panel with:
  • Multi-Cycle Selector control.
  • 75% Full, advance warning indicator light.
  • 100% Full indicator light.
  • Keylock on-off.

Optional Hopper Extension: Varies according to type of installation. Consolidated can configure a Hopper Extension to best suit your individual needs.
See General Info for examples of hopper extensions, and types of installation.
The Octamag 2 comes with an integrated receiver container.

Octamag 2 with Dumper, click to see larger image. Octamag 2 with optional Bin Dumper.
The Octamag 2 with Bin Dumper is ideal for facilities that have many trash collection points spread over a large area. The trash bin is simply wheeled onto the pick-up forks, then the operator actuates a hydraulic valve to raise the dumper, tilting it over and dumping the trash into the hopper. Then reversing the valve, lowers the bin to the ground, for removal. One person easily dumps several cubic yards of trash at once, with little effort or chance of strain.   to Larger Picture

All dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check with us for latest specs.

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