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McClain Magnum 5, Specifications
McClain Industries, Industrial Refuse Compactors


Click to see Larger Image. The McClain Magnum 5 Compactor has the extra size and power to handle industrial sized trash with ease. It features a 90-inch wide hopper, to easily handle forklift and tilt hopper feeding. The Mag5 can be fitted with an optional hydraulic trash bin dumper, for the ultimate in efficiency and ease of use. Combined with our own special "trainable bins", and a fork lift or tug, one man can easily handle dumping many bins spread out over a large industrial complex, such as an airport, or large manufacturing plant.
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The Magnum 5 series compactors are versatile as well as powerful, and have been utilized in many types of industrial installations. Consolidated has the experience to help you set up a refuse handling system that will be efficient and cost effective for years to come. Give us a call to discuss your own particular needs.
The Magnum 5 compactors can also be ordered in extra heavy-duty models, for installations requiring the ultimate in power and rugged construction.
In addition the Magnum 5 can be ordered with an optional "Pre-Crusher" Unit. The Pre-Crusher is a hydraulically operated steel door that lowers into the compacting chamber, to concentrate the full force of the compacting ram to be applied to the trash. The door is then automatically raised, and the crushed items are then compacted into the receiver container, on the next cycle. The entire process can be set with the DR100 automatic multi-cycle controls, for efficient operation. Just push the button, and it's gone. These pre-crusher units can crush and flatten 55-gallon steel drums, old wooden pallets, and even metal appliances, such as refrigerators or stoves, etc. Some manufacturers use them to crush rejected product, to prevent items from being pilfered from the trash pile, etc.
McClain Compactors are noted for their strength, reliability, quality construction from prime steel, heavy duty hydraulic components, and of course safety in operation.
The McClain DR100 Hi-Tech Control Panel is included, featuring solid state electrical and hydraulic controls, and known as the most reliable in the industry.
(See DR100 Control Panel for complete info and specifications on it.)

Hopper Capacity: 5 cubic yards (3.8 cu. mtr).
Hopper Opening: 60 in. x 90 in. (152.4 cm x 228.6 cm).
Length Compactor: 228 inches (579.2 cm).
Width Compactor: 82 inches (208.3 cm.).
Loading Height: 48.5 inches (123.2 cm).
Hydraulic Piston: 6 in. (15.24 cm), with 4.5 in. (11.43cm) connecting rod.
Maximum Force: 56,500 lbs. (251.5 kN)
Cycle time: 42 seconds.
Motor: 20hp at 1800 rpm, 230/460 Volts, 3phase/60cycle, T.E.F.C.


  • UL Approved, DR-100 Solid State Control Panel with:
  • Multi-Cycle Selector control.
  • 75% Full, advance warning indicator light.
  • 100% Full indicator light.
  • Keylock on-off.
Optional Hopper Extension: Varies according to type of installation. Consolidated can configure a Hopper Extension to best suit your individual needs.
See General Info for examples of hopper extensions, and types of installation.

See Compactor Receiver Container for its' specifications.

This compactor is optionally available in Heavy-Duty Models to best meet the requirements of any individual installation.

All dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check with us for latest specs.

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