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There are 3 basic types of Compactors:

STATIONARY Compactors:
STATIONARY Compactors are the most common type in industrial installations. In this type the compactor remains "stationary" (bolted to the ground), and the Receiver Container (packer box) is detached from it, winched up onto the "roll-off truck", and hauled away to the local refuse dump, and emptied. It is then, of course, brought back to the compactor and re-attached. Using this method, the maximum amount of trash can be hauled away for each trip.
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PORTABLE Compactors:
PORTABLE Compactors are most popular with the food industry (hotel, resturant, hospital), or any place that may have liquids or oozing garbage in their waste. The portable compactor is manufactured with a unitized body construction, where the compactor head is welded to the receiver container, both of which are welded to a common platform base, which is designed to hold a large amount of liquid. Utilizing this method of construction prevents any leakage of liquids, etc. In addition it is easier to minimize and control odors that may emanate from the compacted waste. We have optional electrically powered (no chemicals) deodorizing units that can be attached to them. For dumping, the entire portable compactor is hauled to the dump, where both trash and liquid is discharged. This is the most clean and sanitary way to handle messy trash and garbage.

SPECIALTY Compactors:
SPECIALTY Compactors are used in situations that have requirements that override a standard installation, such as limited space, unusual waste materials, or special configuration needs, etc. For example, the smaller vertical packer that fits inside an enclosure, popular with "fast food" restaurants, or a small horizontal packer that fits inside a room and is fed through a chute inside a 3 story apartment building, etc. Compactors can be fitted with hydraulic dumpers for dumping plastic trash barrels or even 3 cu. yd. standard commercial trash bins. Some compactors have a "pre-crusher" system for dealing with materials that would otherwise be difficult to compact, such as wood boxes and pallets, 55 gallon steel drums, metal appliances, etc. There are many ways to configure a refuse handling system to maximize efficiency and minimize cost. Just dumping loose trash in a bin is the LEAST cost effective, and a properly designed refuse handling system will easily pay for itself. Consolidated has years of experience and can design and install a system that will save you money for years to come.

Basic Compactor INSTALLATIONS:
There are 4 basic styles of compactor installation, depending primarily, upon how the trash is to be fed into them, and how the hopper extension is configured.
Below are graphic illustrations of these 4 basic styles.
Keep in mind that there are many ways to configure a specific installation to best meet the needs of our customers. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your particular requirements or needs. Below are examples of the most common types.
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Side feed compactor, click to see larger image. SIDE FEED:
This is a typical "SIDE FEED" configuration.
Feed by hand, or fork lift with "tilt hopper bins" for maximum efficiency.
Optional hydraulic dumper attaches to side of compactor, for dumping trash barrels or standard 3 cu. yd. refuse bins. Very efficient and no operator strain.
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Enclosed Hopper compactor, click to see larger image. ENCLOSED HOPPER:
This is a typical "ENCLOSED HOPPER" configuration.
A fully enclosed hopper with a lockable door, provides control and security over access to your refuse compactor. Prevents stray animals, etc., from rumaging through your trash.  Next type.
Dock Feed compactor, click to see larger image. DOCK FEED:
This is a typical "rear feed from loading dock" configuration. Very convenient with minimal lifting for dumping trash.
Can be fitted with heavy duty ramp to support feeding with fork lift, etc. The hopper can be fitted with either a gate (with safety electric interlock), or a solid panel. Also, can be fully enclosed with lockable lid, to provide control and security over access to your refuse compactor.
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Chute Fed compactor, click to see larger image. CHUTE FEED:
This is a typical "Through Wall, Chute Feed" configuration. Very popular with Stores and warehouses, as employees do not need to go outside to dump trash, and prevents outside access to your refuse. Compactor and container are completely inclosed, outside access is not possible, provides maximum security.
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