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Compactor Receiver Container
Consolidated Fabricators


Click to see Larger Image. The Consolidated Fabricators Receiver Container is manufactured with the latest construction techniques for steel containers. Its modern octagonal design, with "bullet nose" construction, promotes maximum compaction density from your compactor. The inherent strength of this design enhances its strength to weight ratio, which provides for maximum payload. You can haul more trash with fewer trips.
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  • Available in sizes 20 to 50 cubic yards capacity.
  • Overall length can be specified to fit smaller spaces.
  • 7/10 gauge steel construction.
  • 10 inch x 8 inch steel boggie wheels.
  • Bottom coated with automotive underseal.
  • Primer paint inside, and outside both primed and finish painted with automotive enamel.
  • The rear main dump door can be hinged for either top or side opening.
  • Hooks around compactor opening for attaching tarp and bunjis, or steel door barrier.

    All dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check with us for latest specs.


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