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Industrial Related:

IndustryLink.    Industry Link search.    IndustryLink, home page.

The Blue Book    The Blue Book link, categorized Building and Construction information and companies, in the USA. Originally in print medium, a long established commercial directory, now also on the internet.

General Search Engines:

AltaVista    General search with AltaVista.

Excite    General search with Excite.

AlltheWeb    General search with AlltheWeb.

Go Network    General search with the Go Network.

Google    General search, ranks pages by external links and page content.

GTE's Superpages    General search with GTE's Superpages, Verizon. U.S. Yellow Pages search.

HotBot    General search with HotBot.

LookSmart    General search with LookSmart.

Lycos    General search with Lycos.

Microsoft's MSN    General search with Microsoft's MSN.

Netscape    General search with Netscape.

Northern Light    Search with Northern Light.

Open Directory Project    General search with the Open Directory Project. Indexed web sites are reviewed by human volunteers.

Teoma    General search with Teoma.

Webcrawler    General search with Webcrawler.

Yahoo!    Yahoo is one of the original search engines on the web.

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