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Industrial Recycling Balers and Recycling Equipment, Horizontal Balers, Vertical Balers

Consolidated has a broad range of recycling equipment balers, from vertical balers, or downstroke balers for cardboard box recycling at warehouse facilities, to large recycling operations, or materials recovery facilities, utilizing large horizontal balers, extrusion balers, two ram balers, and sorting stations. We also provide full service hydraulic equipment repair, including baler parts, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinder repair, hydraulic parts, including wire ties, and bailing wire in bulk baling wire coils.

Conveyors for Recycling Balers

We have heavy duty conveyors made for feeding all types recycling balers. These conveyors have been especially useful in many types of recycling operations, including MRF or Materials Recovery Facility installations, Intermediate Processing Centers, IPC, sorting lines, and refuse transfer stations.

Industrial Shredders, and Paper Shredders

Industrial shredders for all types of size reduction, shredding paper, plastic or wood pallets, rubber tires, document destruction, and defective product destruction.

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