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Welcome to
Consolidated Equipment, Corp.

We have been providing Material Handling Equipment, Refuse Handling Systems, and Recycling Equipment, to industry since 1972.
We have a full service department that can provide repair for the equipment we sell, and other brands as well.

Our web site has pictures and spec sheets that are accessed through the Main Catalog page, which leads to Sub-Catalog pages for each category. Most categories have a General Info page with helpful information about each topic. The colored borders of the pages are also active links to the Site Map, or Top of Page, for convenient site navigation.

To view our products and spec sheets go to the   Main Catalog.
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We have more than what is shown in this web site, and we know you are busy and may not have time for browsing.
If you do not see what you want just go to our Contact page and send us an Email to let us know what you need.

Rental Program  We rent or lease Refuse Compactors and some Recycling Balers, in the Southern California area only.

We sometimes purchase used equipment for resale, depending on current need.
Contact Us  and let us know what you would like to sell. Be sure to provide all details, including Make, Model Number, Year of Manufacture, Type of Equip, Location of Equip, Price, your name, mailing address, and phone, etc.

If you would like to know a little more about us,
check out our  Brief Company Profile.

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 Consolidated Equipment, Corp.
 Phone:   323-583-5050, USA
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