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Outdoor recycling center, click to see larger image. Typical outdoor recycling center.
  Utilizes a single fully automatic open end extrusion baler, American Wide Mouth H series. It makes 42 inch by 42 inch by variable length bales, which are optimized for loading Sea-Van containers, for shipping overseas. It has eight, 1000 lb., wire coils feeding the auto tie unit, resulting in 4 wires per bale. This unit has a 9 inch bore cylinder (models with 10 in. and 12 in. are available). It has a 42 inch by 72 inch (6ft) hopper opening with multi-stage shear blade, that can accommodate large pieces of recyclable materials.
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It is fed by a Krause rubber belt chain drive conveyor, with air clutch, which starts and stops the conveyor belt. This allows the drive motor to run continuously which minimizes wear and tear, and runs cooler.
This unit bales corrugated OCC, news paper, high grade paper, PET, plastic, and aluminum cans. It can switch from baling one material to another simply by finish tieing the existing bale, and then setting the controller for the new material's bale length, if needed. The "smart" solid state controller allows for fully automated operation, and automatically starts and stops the feed conveyor as needed.

Automatic baler with air duct feed AUTOMATIC BALER with AIR DUCT FEED:
This picture shows an outside baler being fed with air duct-to-cyclone system from inside the plant. The baler operates automatically, including the wire ties, producing finished bales that are ready to be hauled away. Inside the plant there are several vacume pick-up points and floor sweeps, for feeding material into the system. The combination of air duct feed and automatic baler make for a very clean and efficient system.

Automatic Baler, Conveyor Feed. Automatic Baler with Conveyor Feed from inside warehouse.
This baler installation bales corrugated packing boxes from a large distribution warehouse for a sporting goods company. It is an open end extrusion baler, which automatically makes the bales as the corrugated boxes are fed into it, via the conveyor system. No operator assistance is necessary. The finished bales are simply picked up occasionally, as needed, by a fork lift operator, and stacked for later shipping.
The conveyor system extends 200 feet into the inside of the warehouse to accommodate a large unpacking area. This system alleviates the need for employees to continuously go outside the warehouse to dump the boxes. Makes for a clean and efficient system, and enhances security.

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