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Cardboard Baler, click to see larger image.

Bales of Old Corrugated Cartons (OCC), nicely formed for easy stacking and shipping. Maximum density achieves bales that weigh 2300 to 2600 lbs each. With these balers each lamination that makes up the bale, is uniform in density. This results in a bale that handles and ships well, and maximizes load capacity for maximum profits per haul.

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OCC Bales. click to see larger image. Bales of Corrugated.
Our Fearless Leader likes to see a nicely formed Bale. Each baler receives complete alignment and adjustment by our factory trained technicians, during the startup period after installation.

Plastic Bales. click to see larger image. Bales of Plastic Containers.
Baling plastics can be a bit tricky, but with the proper equipment nicely formed bales can be achieved.

Bale loading, click to see larger image. Bale Loading for Vans or Seavans:
The density of bales is measured in pounds per cubic foot, and of course the higher the density factor, the more material that is contained inside a given sized bale. The overall size of a bale becomes equally important when they must be stacked to fit inside an enclosed van for shipping, as then it is important to achive maximum payload by filling the van as full as possible. To achive this the length, width, and height of the individual bales must be such that when stacked inside the van they fit like the pieces of a puzzle, to minimize empty space, and thereby maximize the payload. The size of the bales must be an even multiple of the inside dimensions of the van. It is just as important to achieve maximum payload, as well as high density bales. The above picture shows a well stacked van. The size of these bales make a two wide by two high stack, for easy and fast loading, and fits inside like a glove, leaving minimal empty space. Also the length of the bales are such that they will fill the remainimg space completely. This payload will bring maximum profit. The size of the bales is, of course, determined by the size of the extrusion chamber of the baler. Therefore the method used for shipping the finished bales becomes an important factor when deciding which type of baler to use. There are, of course, many additional factors to consider when chosing a baler. Consolidated Equipment has many years of experience installing many types of recycling operations and can provide valuable insight into matching the right equipment for a particular job. Call us for a free consultation.

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