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American T-REX Balers
Manufactured by  American Baler

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A Whole New Class of Baler

    The new American T-REX Baler is the world's first fully functioning two-ram extrusion baler. While conventional two-ram balers use one ram to compress materials and the other to eject it, T-REX uses the compression force of both rams to produce dense, consistently even bales.
T-REX is best suited for operations that require a very large feed opening (80" x 70") to process extremely large volumes of bulky recyclables, such as corrugated, yet also need to bale all grades of paper, plastics and light metals.    to Larger Picture
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  • Huge 80" X 70" hopper opening ideal for extra bulky material applications.
  • Twin rams compress bales to 43" width; lengths are adjustable.
  • Available with optional, "Eagle Eye" touch screen display, programmable controller.
  • Swing away auto-tier has cushioned hydraulic cylinder/tier needle drive for faster, smoother automatic bale tying.
  • Stage motor starting available -- increases production and holds down energy costs.

Automatic Wire Tier, American Baler. Free-Floating Extrusion Chamber:
The unique American Baler method of exerting maximum compression force to form denser, more even bales. The large hydraulic cylinder on top compresses bales, while the lever action of the massive twin arms mechanically squeeze the bale from both sides. The density control then relaxes to allow the bale to move on through the chamber.   Next.

Automatic Wire Tier, American Baler. The American Baler Auto-Tier ties all bale wires simultaneously and automatically...faster and more reliably than other types of tiers. It pulls the wires between the bales instead of pushing them, resulting in better wire control and superior knot tying. The exclusive swing-away design makes cleaning and periodic maintenance much easier.   Next.

Automatic Wire Tier, American Baler. The American Baler Fluffer helps to make better bales of news, high grades and other materials - and eliminates the need for an operator. A special cutting head mixes and conditions bulky materials; and, in most cases, eliminates the need for shredding. The result is higher quality bales. The unique American Baler design hydraulically swings the entire fluffer unit out of the hopper, when baling grades that do not require fluffing. Manually operated doors are eliminated.
The fluffer is optional on most Baler models.   Next.

Automatic Wire Tier, American Baler. The American Baler 3-Stage Shear is standard on our wide mouth balers and optional on certain single ram models. Its thick, hardened steel blade cuts through masses of bulky material, often eliminating the need for pre-shredding. The steel shear blade is mounted on the top of the main ram. As the ram advances, it pushes material against the shear. The blade's beveled, jagged edge quickly slices it in three stages to the size of the bale chamber, allowing the ram to pack it into the growing bale with no shock to the baler.   Next.

The Ultramatic Hydraulic Systems on all wide mouth balers feature a manifold block design that eliminates 70% of the pipes and connections of conventional systems. Low-shock, cushion shift valves mount directly on the block. Dual pumps and a regenerative circuit assure maximum operation and longer baler life.

Balers can be configured to process various types of materials, and optimized for each type of installation. Contact Consolidated Equipment for complete specs and additional information on any Baler. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your individual requirements.

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