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Open End Extrusion Balers
Manufactured by  American Baler

American Baler, Open End Extrusion Balers, click to see larger image. The American Open End Extrusion Baler offers several open-end extrusion models designed to process a variety of fiber materials for moderate volume applications such as corrugated box plants, paper converters and printers.

The concept of extrusion (continuous horizontal) baling was pioneered by American Baler. A single ram produces maximum psi force to form a dense, even bale against the side of the previously formed bale in the extrusion chamber. This chamber hydraulically and mechanically squeezes bales from three sides, then releases to allow the bale to move on through the chamber. The extrusion concept speeds production, and eliminates the need for expensive ejection rams and bale separation doors.    to Larger Picture
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American Baler open-end extrusion balers merge special productivity features normally found on larger models into a unique standard package that is competitively priced.

  • Designed to be fed either mechanically or by pneumatic conveyor systems.
  • Replaceable bolted-in heavy-duty T-1 steel floor plate and plunger slides.
  • Programmable controller with digital readouts and data-table access module affords dependable automatic operation... no operator needed.
  • Trunnion-mounted main cylinder puts less torque on the cylinder rod, seals, and packing rings.
  • Auto-tie models feature unique electro/hydraulic auto-tier system for reliable wire control and fast, superior knot tying for reduced wire costs.
  • Streamlined hydraulic system designed for ease of operation and maintenance.
  • Meets all ANSI safety requirements.
  • Super High Density models available for difficult-to-bale materials like plastics, aluminum and ferrous cans.

Balers can be configured to process various types of materials, and optimized for each type of installation. Contact Consolidated Equipment for complete specs and additional information on any Baler. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your individual requirements.

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