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Quality Design Features
American Balers


   The very idea of continuous horizontal baling originated with American Baler. The company's roots can be traced to a division of an agricultural machinery manufacturer. During the industrial growth of the 1940's the need for faster baling of printing trim and other bulky products resulted in the formation of The American Baler Company. American recycling balers provide primary duty from industrial and manufacturing to recycling centers, sorting stations and material recovery facilities, MRF.   Next paragraph.

Automatic Wire Tier, American Baler. Swing-Away Automatic Wire Tier:

  • Swings out for easy cleaning/maintenance.
  • Unique needle/twister concept pulls wires around bale.
  • Faster tying -- all wires tied simultaneously.
  • Adjustable tier speed maximizes productivity.
  • Superior flat/non-protruding knot.
  • Available in four or five-wire systems.
  • Located on either side of the baler (your choice).

Open-End Extrusion Chamber, American Baler. Open-End Extrusion Chamber:

  • Key to denser, more even bales.
  • Constantly exerts full-system pressure on each bale -- top to bottom, front-to-back.
  • Top hydraulic cylinder compresses bale.
  • Massive side arms mechanically squeeze bale.
  • Allows maximum pressure on ram face.
  • Self-adjusting to reduce stall conditions.
  • Easy material grade changes with no bale contamination.

Three-Stage Shear Blade, American Baler. Three-Stage Shear Blade:

  • Slices material one-third at a time.
  • Decibel levels below EPA requirements.
  • 1" thick hardened steel plate construction with special beveled edge.
  • Eliminates need for pre-press flap.

Material Fluffer, American Baler. Material Fluffer:

  • Single and dual fluffers available.
  • Increases production rates without an operator.
  • Special cutting head mixes and conditions materials.
  • Usually eliminates need for a shredder.
  • Automatically swings into hopper in less than 25 seconds.

High Quality Hydraulic Components, American Baler. High Quality Hydraulic Components:

  • Trunnion-mounted hydraulic cylinder reduces torque on rod, seals and packing rings for less maintenance, longer life.
  • Ultramatic hydraulic system maximizes GPM flow and uses up to 25% less horsepower.
  • Hi-low and regenerative three-stage hydraulic circuit increases production and energy efficiency.
  • Unique manifold block eliminates 70% of hoses, which reduces downtime and maintenance.
  • Features low-shock, cushion shift valves.
  • Quiet, efficient vane hydraulic pump.
  • Clean, efficient system with fewer moving components reduces downtime.
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